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There have been two amazing developments in the absurd witch-hunt of Donald Trump.
Kim has promised he will give up WMD but one cannot be sure for he is more like the Chameleon which changes colors.
What the United States has been doing ever since 1871.
The people who portray Donald Trump as mad appear to have lost their minds.
There are dangerous games and speculation of thermal nuclear war in the offing right now, as you are reading this article. I feel it my duty to share this information with the 400 plus daily loyal readers of my posts here on
The Trump Administration is deceiving the American public and our future remains bleak until we realize this.
As entitled women protested their “oppression” in Central London, men of humble stock ensured their event and their lives ran smoothly.
We had better face the fact that our way of life is in trouble until we come to realize that there is a way to solve the many crisis that continue to plague the US.
Google is one of the largest, most valuable, and most beneficial companies in the world, but it could still self-destruct.
Still the gun violence continues and will continue until there is a unified ban on all semi and automatic weapons and better procedures to detect mental instability.
Top Democratic politicians are still claiming Donald Trump is a Russian agent, but is this all a smokescreen?
What Trump and the Republicans and our political process are actually doing to the future of the United States
What the US needs to do in order to secure it's future.
Russia is no longer a threat to the United States; the real enemy is the enemy within.
What the Trump Administration and the Republicans are trying to get away with is unthinkable.
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