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The audacity of our leaders in congress and especially Trump have delivered the United States into a dismal future.
What the Act of 1871 has done is adversely affecting all Americans financial well being
The United States Postal Service has been losing money and running deficits for years change is needed if it is to continue to provide useful services.
In the UK, rape victims are being hounded by the police while their tormentors are being let off. At least that is what “BuzzFeed” and Lisa Avalos would have you believe.
President Trump and the Republicans are America's travesty
A worrying state of affairs! The Government tells us Cannabis is a bad drug. do we blindly believe and not ask questions... well of course !.. How could we let this happen?
Fela Kuti, the founder of Afro-Beat, suffered extreme persecution by the Nigerian state. In Europe, our increasingly repressive masters are targeting a new generation of songwriters and performers for even more sinister reasons.
Will 2020 be a repeat of voter fraud of 2016? Chances are things will only get worse.
The recent arrest of the well-known firebrand Tommy Robinson and the summary justice meted out to him has caused outrage on both sides of the Atlantic.
First the Russians were accused of electing Donald Trump. Now they are accused of spending their “dirty money” in London.
The conspiracy against Donald Trump has now been laid bare for all to see.
There have been two amazing developments in the absurd witch-hunt of Donald Trump.
Kim has promised he will give up WMD but one cannot be sure for he is more like the Chameleon which changes colors.
What the United States has been doing ever since 1871.
The people who portray Donald Trump as mad appear to have lost their minds.
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